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Live Bearer Salt™ is a blend of specific salts designed to accurately duplicate the natural environment of live bearing and brackish water fish. Unlike other aquarium salts currently available to the hobbyist, Live Bearer Salt™ is more than just a simple sodium chloride product. These other salts can burn leaves and roots in a planted aquarium. However, Live Bearer Salt™ does not cause this type of damage, and actually provides many nutrients crucial to healthy plant growth. Dosing of Live Bearer Salt™ allows for specific duplication of different brackish water environments found worldwide (such as the waters of Sumatra or the waters of Borneo). Live Bearer Salt™ can also be dosed for general brackish water community aquariums and general freshwater community aquarium. Live Bearer Salt™ is a safe and effective alternative to the sodium chloride based aquarium salts so prevalent on the market today.



DIRECTIONS: Use when setting up an aquarium and when making water changes. To add salt to an established tank, do so gradually. It is best to predissolve the salt in freshwater before use. Avoid using salt when simply replacing evaporated water.

  • For live bearers (such as guppies, swordtails, platies, some mollies), use 20 g (~1 tablespoon) for each 10 gallons (40 L).
  • For estuary fish from the Yucatan or Sri Lanka (Archers, Chromides, some mollies), use 15 g (~2 teaspoons) for each 3 gallons (12 L).
  • For estuary fish from Thailand, Cambodia, Borneo, or Sumatra (Datinoides), use 40 g (~2 tablespoons) per 3 gallons (12 L).
  • For scats, use up to 80 g (~4 tablespoons) per 3 gallons (12 L). This dose is not for planted aquaria.
  • For mixed populations, use an average dose, representative of species present. For specific information on your fish, check with your dealer or reference an atlas.
  • For general aquarium salt use (either for mineral replacement or disease control), use 20 g (~1 tablespoon) for each 10 gallons (40 L).

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