Seachem LIQUID Discus Buffer 250ml

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Liquid Discus Buffer 250ml
Product Description

Liquid Discus Buffer™helps to replicate the ideal Discus environment (low pH & low GH (General Hardness)). Liquid Discus Buffer™ will lower pH and keep it lowered. Liquid Discus Buffer™ also softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium. Use Discus Trace™ to restore the proper level of trace elements required by thriving, healthy Discus.



Liquid Neutral Regulator™ and Liquid Discus Buffer™ can be used in combination to achieve a desired pH when performing water changes or adding top off water. The ratio chart below is designed for r/o water where there is generally no buffering capacity.


Use 1 capful (5 mL) for every 10 L (2.5 US gallons) daily until intended pH is reached. Thereafter, use once a month or with water changes as required to maintain pH. To raise pH, use Neutral Regulator™ (liquid or dry). To target a particular pH use in combination with Liquid Neutral Regulator™ following the chart below. In very hard water the softening process may cause cloudiness. In such cases, Liquid Acid Buffer™ may be preferable. Use Prime® to dechlorinate tap water before doing a water change.

Liquid Neutral Regulator Liquid Discus Buffer pH
1 : 1 6.8
1 : 2 6.4
1 : 3 6.2
1 : 4 6.1
1 : 6 6.0
1 : 9 5.8

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