Red Cichlid Pellet [250g]


A Granular Feed for Omnivorous and Carnivorous Fish of the Cichlid family containing Astaxanthin

High Protein Food suitable for daily feeding of Cichlid fish.


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The high content of appropriately balanced protein has an impact on proper development and an optimal content of a substance (astaxanthin) makes the colouring of fish become more vivid.

Stabilised vitamin C strengthens the immune system and supports general growth of fish.

  • Approx 1.2mm – 1.8mm Pellet Size
  • Long Established Aquarama Best Selling Line!
  • Red Pellets for non-Vegetable Eating Cichlids and many other fish will take.
  • Available in a FINE grade [0.8mm] to suit the particular needs of your Cichlids or weaning fry.


Cereal and Fish products, Dried Hemoglobin, Yeast, Animal Fat, Astaxanthin, Minerals and Feed Additives approved by the EU.


Crude protein: 45%, crude fat – 7%, ash – 8%, water-7%


A- 25 000 IE, D3- 1700 IE, E-100 IE, C-150 mg, astaxanthin – 150 mg

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Weight 0.250 g

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