Red Cichlid Pellet [250g]


A Granular Feed for Omnivorous and Carnivorous Fish of the Cichlid family containing Astaxanthin

High Protein Food suitable for daily feeding of Cichlid fish.



The high content of appropriately balanced protein has an impact on proper development and an optimal content of a substance (astaxanthin) makes the colouring of fish become more vivid.

Stabilised vitamin C strengthens the immune system and supports general growth of fish.

  • Approx 1.2mm – 1.8mm Pellet Size
  • Long Established Aquarama Best Selling Line!
  • Red Pellets for non-Vegetable Eating Cichlids and many other fish will take.
  • Available in a FINE grade [0.8mm] to suit the particular needs of your Cichlids or weaning fry.


Cereal and Fish products, Dried Hemoglobin, Yeast, Animal Fat, Astaxanthin, Minerals and Feed Additives approved by the EU.


Crude protein: 45%, crude fat – 7%, ash – 8%, water-7%


A- 25 000 IE, D3- 1700 IE, E-100 IE, C-150 mg, astaxanthin – 150 mg

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Weight 0.25 g

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