Premium XL Pleco Wafers [50g]


Premium Pleco XL Wafers (Sometimes known as Chips)

Supplied from fresh stocks in a resealable plastic bag – saves money!

The XL Wafer is about 4 times the size of our usual wafer!


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Product Profile:

Our Wafers contain around 10 % wood for digestion, the optimal amount required for plecos.

These wafers do not dissolve in water, they do not pollute the water and give shy fish the opportunity to feed in peace later.

Contains beneficial spirulina and vegetable matter, the wafers, which sink in water, also contain wheatgerm.

These Pleco Wafers are made in a special production process to retain maximum nutrients. The ingredients, size and structure are specially selected to meet the nutritional needs of plant-grazing armoured catfish (Plecostoums, Hypostomus etc.) and other plant-eating bottom-feeders. Wheatgerm, spirulina algae, a high proportion of green vegetable matter and 10% vital wood fibres provide the current nutrition for this species. The wafers sink quickly to the floor of the aquarium where these fish live. Pleco Wafers retain their shape in water, fish which are slow to eat have sufficient time to feed without the water becoming unnecessarily polluted. Stabilised vitamin C and other vitamins promote resistance to disease.

Feeding recommendation for Pleco Wafers: Feed the fish once or twice a day, (if necessary, at night too), with as much as the fish can consume within approx. 20 minutes. Since the chips are stable for up to 24 hours without disintegrating, a few chips which are not eaten are not a problem.

Vitamin content per 1000 g:

  • Vitamin A: 25,000 I.E.
  • Vitamin D3: 2,000 I.E.
  • Vitamin E: 330 mg
  • Vitamin C (stab): 400 mg


  • Crude protein 30 %
  • Crude fat 8 %
  • Crude fibre 13 %
  • Crude ash 12 %

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