Premium Plain Cichlid Pellet [MIDI 3mm] 250g


Aquarama Premium Plain Cichlid Pellet Midi Size 3 mm (Smaller / Medium Species) 

1 x 250G As Pictured

Our Premium Plain Pellet is a great addition to your Cichlid feeding regime, encompassing a selection of high quality raw materials in extruded pellet form.


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This very popular sinking feed is both very digestible as we as nutritious, and is readily taken by many Cichlid Species.

The added Beta-glucans also stimulate immunity.

This feed is suitable for Cichlids like Frontosa, and is manufactured for prolonged daily feeding.

Feed as much as your fish will consume in 2-3 minutes.


Protein 36%
Fibre 2.1%
Fat 7.0%
Ash 10.6%

Vitamins: A IU (IU) 15,000 kg
Vitamins: IU D3 (IU) kg 2000
Vitamins: E mg / kg 200
Vitamins: C mg / kg 150

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