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Premium Neon Tetra Platy Granules – Quality Fish Food.

“Premium quality” granulated food intended for the daily feeding of neons and other species of tetras in your aquarium. The food contains a high share of protein, vitamins, and minerals to support the growth and health of your fish. Added beta-glucan and omega-3 fatty acids strengthen the immunity of your fish against disease and give them a healthy and fresh appearance.


Use several times a days, give fish no more than what can be entirely consumed within a few minutes.


Fish and fish by-products, cereal, planet protein, dried yeast, algae, spirulina, fat, lecithin, artificial colouring – all in compliance with EU standards and regulations.

Typical Analysis (per Kg)

Crude protein 54 %
Crude fat 9 %
Moisture 7 %
Crude fiber 1 %

Vitamin A 26250 U.I. / kg
Vitamin D3 2750 U.I. / kg
Vitamin E 300 mg / kg
Vitamin C 450 mg / kg

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Weight (g)

50g, 100g

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