Premium Malawi Mbuna Cichlid Flake [200g]


Aquarama Premium Malawi Flake Fish Food is a quality blend of food flakes consisting of many ingredients for the daily requirements of Malawi Cichlid of the Mbuna Group and other herbivorous cichlid fish. A very diverse composition ensures an excellent condition, beautiful color enhancement and stimulates the wellbeing of the fish. Nettle fiber regulates the operation of the long digestive tract. Peas and spirulina are a very good source of protein and Wheatgerm provides valuable unsaturated fatty acids. L-carnitine and Spirulina included within the high quality ingredients.

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This feed is suitable for all plant-eating fish. (& Clown Loaches – ours love it!)

Spirulina has a positive effect on the functioning of a living organism it improves metabolism and strengthens the immunity and the coloration of the fish to great effect.

Typical Analysis

Protein 40% / Fat 6.5% / Fibre 3.5% / Ash 9%

Added Vitamins 

Vitamins A / D3 / E and C.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 g

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