Premium FINE Green Spirulina Discus Granules [250g]


Premium FINE Green Spirulina Discus Granules are a quality focused mixture in granular form containing “Spirulina Marine Algae” and is for COMPLIMENTARY feeding of Discus, Angels etc
Optimally sized 0.5-0.8 Granule suitable for Larger Fry and Juveniles
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It is also available as a Larger (1.2-1.5mm) feed for Adults.
It is designed for herbivorous aquarium fish, that require a significant amount of plant component in the diet  (barb,algae eater, etc) but is used as a well established complementary feed for discus and other Cichlid species.
Spirulina Platensis Marine Algae works to affect the correct restoration of acid-base balance of the body, regulate fish immune system and the most importantly  are the optimum source of Vitamins B12, A and E.

The food contains protein derived from Squid and Krill.


  • Crude Protein: 37%
  • Crude Fat- 6%
  • Ash-10,1%,
  • Vitamin E-130mg, C-100mg, A-10000IE/kg, D3-1300 IE/kg

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