Premium Colour Cichlid Sticks [250g]


Aquarama Premium Colour Cichlid Sticks are suitable as the main food for medium and large cichlids. The sticks contain a balanced amount of nutrients and fibre to ensure easy digestibility and with high quality ingredients it offers a balanced solution for Cichlid Feeding. It also will enhance colour of fish over the longer term.

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Sticks will sink to allow feeding typical of the species.

Typical Analysis:

  • Crude protein 45,5%
  • Crude fat 7,0%
  • Crude fiber 4,0%
  • Ash 9,5%
  • Vitamin A IU(IE)kg 30.000
  • Vitamin D3 IU(IE)kg 1.900
  • Vitamin E mg/kg 100
  • Vitamin C mg/kg 260

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