Premium Bloodworm Flake [200g]


Our Premium Bloodworm Flake offers a high protein feed option for aquarium fish such as Cichlid, Discus, and most Omnivorous and Carnivorous fish as well as some Marine Species.
​Note: Mostly suitable for daily feeding as below, but careful use in Cichlid prone to bloat (Malawi etc) is encouraged.

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​Ingredients: Concentrated Vegetable Protein, Molluscs, Spirulina Algae, Fish & Fish by-product, Cereal, Dried food yeast, Fats, Lecithin, EU approved antioxidents and colouring.
Crude protein 53%
Crude fat 8%
Moisture 7%
Crude fiber 2%
Ash 9%
Vitamin A 27500U ie/kg
Vitamin D3 600U ie/kg
Vitamin E 250 mg/kg
Vitamin C 474 mg/kg

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