Premium 20% Spirulina Algae Tablets [20g]


Premium Algae Spirulina Tablets Stick-on or Bottom Feeding is a complete vegetable fish food for herbivorous aquarium fish and a supplement food for others. Produced in a form of tablets which may be stuck to the glass inside the aquarium. Ingredients used in production will enhance the condition of your fish. Made using the latest modern technology of making this fish food in tablet form (no heat treatment) causes that material keeps its properties 100% intact. Supplements used, including lecithol, will support the appropriate metabolism and proper development of fish. This fish food is enriched in Algae Spirulina, it gives protein easy to digest and natural carotenoids strengthening intensive colouration of fish. It contains balanced quantities of vitamins from group B12 which support a natural purification of the organism from toxins.It also supports the immune system.

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Cereal Products, Vegetable Protein Concentrate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Fodder Yeast, Algae Spirulina, Medicago, Vegetable Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Lecithol, Minerals and Vitamin Supplements

The content of nutrient elements:

Crude protein 35%, Crude fat 5%, Crude fiber 4%, ash 6,5%, moisture 7%

The content of vitamins in 1 kg of a dry mass:
vitamin A – 20000 IE, vitamin D3 – 1500 IE, vitamin E -100mg, vitamine C – 120mg, B1 – 10mg, B2 – 18mg, B6 – 8mg, B12 – 35mg, pantothenoic acid – 40mg, niacin–100mg, biotin –1000mcg, folic acid–2mg

​Pictures show actual product and packing and the loose picture is of a 100g of the product which may be different to the quantity shown here.
The Tablets can be stuck on tank side if desired (There is a bit of a knack!)
Aquarama offers a comprehensive and complete range of Premium Tablet Tropical Fish Food, which meets the needs of virtually all types of tropical fish, and gives variety to the feeding regime, along with excellent nutrition benefit, as well as quality ingredients to provide the best feed to your fish.
We offer the tablets in 20g, 50g, and 100g.
Our range includes Red, Colour, Green and Spirulina, and many specialist tablets use the search bar above for assistance.
Whether your fish are omnivore, herbivore or carnivore you can find the tablet to suit the requirements.
We also offer very popular colour tablets which can enhance the appearance of your fish.
The pictures show the tablets in detail as well as how they arrive with you, and they are supplied from fast moving bulk stocks, to ensure you get fresh products.
We always ship in cushioned packaging to ensure pristine arrival.

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