MINI CAY (Colour,Algae & Yellow Mix) Wafers [50g]


Our MINI  CAY (Colour,Algae and Yellow Wafers) (7mm) are a special food in the form of sinking wafers for many species especially bottom feeders such as loach etc. In nature, these fish feed by moving the bottom substrate to find their food. The wafers contain high quality ingredients, and a complete set of vitamins and trace elements. An exceptional food for all fish. Our CAY Wafer Mix provides excellent variety for most fish.

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Mix of Colour (for Colour Enhancement) Algae (essential for many species) and Yellow (Variety and Nutrition)

Inset Photo to illustrate tablet close-up.

Provided from Bulk Stock to reduce cost, this item is supplied in a resealable Plastic bag, but you can be sure of complete peace of mind, that the food is fresh owing to the fast moving nature of our business.

Made from Quality Ingredients

Guaranteed Analysis: (per kg)

Protein 48% / Fat 7% / Fibre 4.5% / Ash <12% / Moisture Max 10% / Phosphorus Min 0.7%
Vitamin A 28000 (I.E./KG)
Vitamin D3 1900 (I.E./KG)
Vitamin E 160mg/kg
Vitamin C 360 mg/kg

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