Malawi Mbuna Cichlid Flake [400g]


Aquarama Malawi Flake Fish Food is a quality blend of food flakes consisting of many ingredients for the daily requirements of Malawi Cichlid of the Mbuna Group and other herbivorous cichlid fish. Contains essential species specific ingredients, to ensure health and vitality.


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Please note that this is a new product for us, and should not be confused with our previous “Malawi Mbuna Flake” which is now known as “Premium Malawi Mbuna Flake” (See Below)

This feed is suitable for all plant-eating fish. (& Clown Loaches – ours love it!)

Typical Analysis

Protein 42% / Fat 7.5% / Fibre 4% / Ash 12%

Added Vitamins 

Vitamins A / D3 / E and C.

Additional information

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