JBL The 7 + 13 Balls – Root Nutrient

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JBL The 7 +13 (total 20 Balls = Bigger value Pack) Balls Aquatic Plant Root Nutrient Balls

For long-term root fertilizing in an established aquarium.

  • Contains iron and minerals in a form readily accessible for plants to absorb through the roots.
  • Does not contain phosphates and nitrates.
  • Depending on the plant several balls size, press one or into the root zone once a year.


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JBL The 7 +13 Balls (20 balls) are pressed fertilizing pellets, enriched by a special process with all the nutrients vital for aquatic plants, especially iron and trace elements. The nutrients are released slowly, providing a very favourable depot effect. The ball shape permits the convenient use in existing freshwater-aquariums. Specially suitable for the specific nutrient supply or post-fertilization of aquatic plants which mainly absorb their nutrients through the roots, such as echinodori, cryptocory-nae, and others.

Depending on size of the aquatic plant, press one or more balls into the ground around the roots. Repeat after one year

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