JBL Oxytabs [50 pack] Fish Transport Etc

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1 X Genuine JBL OXYTABS – 50 Pack

  • Oxygen in tablet form to increase the oxygen content of the aquarium in the short term or during fish transport for a maximum of 3 hours.
  • One tablet contains 30 mg oxygen and is sufficient for 10 litres (2,6 US gal.) water.

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Application / Use:

As replacement for electrical aerators, during fish transport, for angling, for aquarium. Oxygen content per tablet: approx. 30 mg. Store in a dry and cool place

Dosage and Important Notes:

The same dosage is valid for fish transports. An increase in dosage is generally possible, however this must be determined and validated in pre-tests according to the fish species. Fish transports should take no longer than 8 hours.

  • Intolerance can occur for catfish and other demersal fish types. In this case, we advise against use

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