Premium Freeze Dried SINKING Tablets [50g]


With added daphnia, bloodworms and shrimps
A basic complete fish food for feeding omnivorous aquarium fish. Produced in a form of SINKING tablets for direct feeding and will provide interest for the fish.


Freeze Dried Tablet Fish Food (Sinking)


Cereal and Fish products, Daphnia, Bloodworm, Scuds, Shrimps, Vegetable Protein Concentrate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Fodder Yeast, Animal Hemoglobin, Fish Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Lecithol, minerals and vitamin supplements

The content of nutrient elements:

Crude protein 38%, Crude fat 5%, Crude fiber 5%, ash 8,5%, humidity 7%

The content of vitamins in 1 kg of a dry mass:

vitamin A – 20000 IE, vitamin D3 – 1500 IE, vitamin E -100mg, vitamin C – 120mg, B1 – 10mg, B2 – 18mg, B6 – 8mg, B12 – 35mg, pantothenoic acid – 40mg, niacin–100mg, biotin –1000mcg, folic acid–2mg

Pictures show actual product and packing and the loose picture is of a 100g of the product which may be different to the quantity shown here.
​Aquarama offers a comprehensive and complete range of Premium Tablet Tropical Fish Food, which meets the needs of virtually all types of tropical fish, and gives variety to the feeding regime, along with excellent nutrition benefit, as well as quality ingredients to provide the best feed to your fish.
We offer the tablets in 20g, 50g, and 100g.
You can use Freeze Dried Tablet Fish Food with many bottom species and these sinking tablets will help to get the food down to the lower parts of the tank.
Our range includes Red, Colour, Green and Spirulina, and many specialist tablets.
Whether your fish are omnivore, herbivore or carnivore you can find the tablet to suit the requirements.
We also offer very popular colour tablets which can enhance the appearance of your fish.
The pictures show the tablets in detail as well as how they arrive with you, and they are supplied from fast moving bulk stocks, to ensure you get fresh products.
We always ship in cushioned packaging to ensure pristine arrival.
Aquarama is a fully owned division of Beaky Ltd –

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