Eheim Aktiv Carbon Media 2L


1 X 2L AKTIV High Efficiency Carbon Media
Widely reckonised as the leading Carbon Media owing to the quality of manufacture.
EHEIM Aktiv is High Effieciency Carbon which outperforms standard carbon

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EHEIM Aktiv quickly binds pollutants, residue of medication, yellow cast and other undesirable substances in the aquarium water and deposits them in large quantities, thus making the water crystal-clear. The utilization of EHEIM Aktiv is especially important for the first installation of the aquarium and after medication treatment. Use activated carbon for a limited period of time only (approx. 4 weeks), and subsequently remove or replace it.

EHEIM Aktiv is used in the layer structure directly below the mechanical filter medium, and item comes with a net bag, which can be resued if you handle it carefully.

EHEIM Aktiv can be used in both marine and fresh water

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Weight 2 g

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