Astaxantin Granules Fish Food Colour [4 Grades] (50g)


A Premium Granular Colour Enhancing Tropical Fish Food consisting of small (4 grades) slow falling granules with a relatively high protein content, to allow feeding to most tropical fish.
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Available in
  • Ultra Fine (0.2-0.3) Fry and Very Young Specimens
  • Super Fine (0.3-0.5) Very Young Specimens
  • Fine (0.5-0.8) Junior Specimens and some Adults prefer finer grade)
  • Standard (1.2-1.5) Adults Specimens
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The grades of food from 0.2mm (powder) to 1.5mm (larger granule) allows all ages of fish to benefit from the colour enhancement and nutritional quality of the foods.
High content of Vitamin C in a stabilised form will strengthen the immune system and promote growth.
Generally this food is well taken, by Cichlid (Malawi Mbuna etc), Discus, Angelfish, and many other common species.
Fish and Cereal, Concentrated Vegetable Protein, Hemoglobin, Yeast, Animal Fat, Astaxanthin, with EU Approved Minerals and Feed Additives.
Nutrition: Protein [58%] Fat [15%] Fibre [0.4%] Ash [11.1%] Water [7%]Vitamins Content (per KG): A 13600 IE/kg, D3 2800 IE/kg, E 163 IE/kg, C 282 mg/kg

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