Our Privacy and GDPR Statement

Beaky Ltd t/as Aquarama will take the following details when you order or contact us on our sites. Name / Full Address / Phone Number / Email Address / What you purchased, and the amount of money spent on that order, or if not purchasing the details of your query. (We keep the minimum details required to complete an order on any of our sites)  It will store this information on its servers, which are protected by industry standard protocols, and retain this information for the period required by the authorities to comply with the company law. The site will also create a cookie, which is used to assist you in function of the website. We may also use Analytical Software to enhance our customer offer within the website.

Financial details are not kept by us; they are transacted securely via our payment processors.

We do not trade, sell, or market your details in any way, and we will never contact you other than to advise relevant order information, such as payments received, and goods shipped advice emails. If there is any claim or other incident after the order has been shipped, details of the order and your details may be used as part of the process to carriers, insurers, and other relevant parties to the occurrence. We will only contact you again if you originate the contact, against the details you provided with order. (Used to solve outstanding issues and queries and the like) We do not use Data Analytics of any kind other than to assist with the site offering, and all payments are made to third party providers, which mean we also have payment ID and the amount, in addition to the details we already have with the order. If you make an order on this site, you are guaranteed to be free of any further marketing and communications, not aforementioned, unless you ask us to provide them, and you have the right to ask what details we have about you if required. Under lawful requirement of the UK authorities we could be required to reveal details of transactions and addresses.

By using the website, you are deemed to have accepted our partnership and our terms, which use the details given for order completion and nothing else unless stated above, any further assistance which you require must be instigated by you.