Screwcumber Fish Feeder for Pleco/Loaches/Catfish Etc

Screwcumber Fish Feeder for Pleco/Loaches/Catfish Etc


Twin Pack

A must for anybody who feeds solid vegetables to their fish. Many fish benefit from fresh vegetable in their diet including Loricarids (plecos) and many cichlids (especially Malawi mbuna but also South American and some Centrals such as convicts), catfish and livebearers.

Will hold down an 25 - 75mm (1" - 3") section of Cucumber, Courgette, Potato or similar vegetable. We've found they also come in very handy for weighting any number of miscellaneous aquarium items from spawning mops to filter sponges!

Minimises the amount of bruising to veggies with it's corkscrew action, resulting in less clogging of filters caused by premature degradation.

Totally aquarium safe- not plated or coated with anything, the Screwcumber is made entirely from very high quality Marine grade Stainless steel.

Very quick, effective and simple to use.

Great for feeding snails which also gives it dual purpose as a snail trapping device for pest snails.

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