JBL PH Plus 250ml - Aquarium PH / KH Increaser

JBL PH Plus 250ml - Aquarium PH / KH Increaser

JBL pH-Plus Mode of action:

In freshwater: natural pH-increase by increasing the carbonate hardness (KH). In excessively soft water the carbonate hardness may be raised to any desired level by adding multiple doses. Especially recommended, when keeping lake Malawi cichlids.
In saltwater: adjusting the caronate hardness to 10-12°d, the value of natural saltwater, and therefore adjusting the required pH-value to 8,3-8,4.

Reliably increases pH and KH.

  • 10 ml for 40 l water increase the CH by about 1 ° GKH.

    Contains 250ml of product for 1000 Litre

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