JBL Plantis - Aquarium Plant Pegs

JBL Plantis - Aquarium Plant Pegs

1 x 12 Pack of JBL Plantis - Plant Pegs - Anchors Plants to Substrate in Planted Tanks


  • Unbreakable plastic, non-polluting to water.
  • Anchors all plants to the substrate without damaging growth, until roots have taken firm hold.
  • For fresh and saltwater.


    JBL Plantis fills a long-standing gap in plant care!
    Every aquarium-keeper is familiar with the problem: despite all efforts, new plants always seem to struggle up to the surface of the water. Sometimes, in desperation, even the lead is left on the roots to prevent the plant making its way to the surface. Often with disastrous consequences for the aquarium, which cannot tolerate this heavy metal at all.
    Fans of rooting cichlids or gobies also find it difficult to keep freshly planted greenery down on the floor of the aquarium long enough for sufficient roots to form.
    JBL now offers plant pegs in unbreakable plastic to solve this problem. A pack of JBL Plantis includes 12 plant pegs in a neutral grey shade which blends in with the plant roots in the substrate of the aquarium.
    Even marine aquarium enthusiasts use these non-polluting pegs to fix invertebrates in reef rocks.

    Result: an old favourite with a new design, providing the perfect solution to an annoying problem.



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