JBL Novo Stick M 250ml

JBL Novo Stick M 250ml
JBL Novo Stick M Cichlid Food 250ml / 110g (Brand New and Sealed Pot)

  • For mainly meat-eating cichlids (carnivorous).
  • Readily eaten by other large species of fish, too.
  • Ingredients consist exclusively of fish meat.
  • With stabilised Vitamin C
JBL NovoStick M contains a well - balanced blend of ingredients specially attuned to the feeding requirements and habits of carnivorous Cichlids and other larger aquarium fish: fish and fish by-products, cereals algae, yeasts and animal by-products. Vital vitamins and natural extracts promote resistance, lively colouring and ensure healthy growth. Thanks to their small size NovoStick M are readily eaten and provide quick feed saturation of larger Cichlids and other large aquarium fish. Feed several times a day in small portions which should be consumed within a few minutes. Complete pet food - contains EEC colouring additives. With antioxidant E 306.

Typical Analysis:

Crude protein
Crude fat
Crude fibre
Crude ash

Vitamins per 1000g:

Vitamin A

25.000 i. E.

Vitamin D3

2.000 i. E.

Vitamin E

300 mg

Vitamin C (stab)

200 mg

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