Indian Almond Tea Bags 25-pack

Indian Almond Tea Bags 25-pack

Indian Almond Leaf Tea Bags (25 Bags)

Used beneficially for many tropical fish, essential for bettas, and young discus.

Can lower PH and heavy metal content, and can also stimulate fish when breeding (bettas etc)

Desirable for Dwarf Cichlids, Killifish, Catfish, Blackwater Tetra, Rasboras etc

Not tolerated by African Rift Valley (Malawi/Tanganyika/Victoria) Cichlids

Will tan the water to a light brown/tan colour to simulate the bottom conditions of the natural environment.

Provides Tanic Acid as well as a range of necessary organic materials.

Recommended Use: 1 bag per 10 - 20 litres of water, use without Carbon or Resins for maximum benefit.

Simply place into filter unit, and will begin to work in a few days.

Highest quality - 100% Guaranteed.

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