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   Bottom Feeder
Flake Foods
   Flake [200g]
   Flake [400g]
Tablet Foods
   20g Bags
   50g Bags
   100g Bags
   Red Tablets
   Green Tablets
   Freeze Dried
Catfish Pellet
Wafers (Algae/Spirulina)
Dried Foods
Stick Foods
Granular Foods
Pellet Foods
Fry Foods
Branded Foods
Filter Media (Juwel etc)
   Activated Carbon
   Ceramic Rings
   Eheim Sponges
      Eheim Media
      Professionel 2
      Professionel 3
   Filter Cubes
   Filter Wool
   Juwel Sponges
      Compact Size
      Jumbo Size
      Standard Size
   Media Bags
   Peat Range
Aquatic Care
   Algae Magnets
   Esha Labs
   JBL Range
      Anti Snail
      Planted Tank
      Water Treatments
   Juwel Heater Stats
      Marine Trace & Buffer
      PH Alert/ Ammo Alert
      Plant Care
Cichlid / Discus Zone
   Cichlid Pellet
   Cichlid Sticks
   Discus Granules
   Cichlid / Discus Flake

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Aquarama supplies tropical, marine and coldwater fish food, as well as various kinds of fish related equipment, such as filters, media, cleaning equipment, water conditioners, and a whole host of other fish keeping requisites. Aquarama has for over 10 years been a leading supplier of these products, by giving the customer what they need, at affordable prices, and market leading customer service. We are constantly striving for excellence in everything we do, and are always enhancing the product range, both organically and with customer input.

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