JBL The 7 Balls - Root Nutrient

JBL The 7 Balls - Root Nutrient

JBL The 7 Balls Aquatic Plant Root Nutrient Balls

For long-term root fertilizing in an established aquarium.

Contains iron and minerals in a form readily accessible for plants to absorb through the roots.

Does not contain phosphates and nitrates.

Depending on the plant size, press one or several balls into the root zone once a year.

JBL The 7 Balls
are pressed fertilizing pellets, enriched by a special process with all the nutrients vital for aquatic plants, especially iron and trace elements. The nutrients are released slowly, providing a very favourable depot effect. The ball shape permits the convenient use in existing freshwater-aquariums. Specially suitable for the specific nutrient supply or post-fertilization of aquatic plants which mainly absorb their nutrients through the roots, such as echinodori, cryptocory-nae, and others.

Depending on size of the aquatic plant, press one or more balls into the ground around the roots. Repeat after one year

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